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UAB “Almaks” has been working for you since 2002. Many years of experience in working with fabrics have taught us to combine technologies and naturalness to achieve the highest quality standards. We produce printed, solid-coloured and striped knitted fabrics, exclusive jacquard fabrics, sportswear fabrics for your various needs. We perform high-quality certified printing of woven and knitted fabrics. All our fabrics are certified with global “Oeko-Tex” or “GOTS” organic fabric quality certificates. Our team is always ready to listen to your needs and offer the most suitable solutions.

We offer a wide range of services, such as:

  • Digital printing on fabrics according to the customer’s order;
  • Standard fabric printing;
  • Production of jacquard fabrics;
  • Striped fabric production;
  • Dyeing according to the colour chosen by the customer;
  • Various solid-coloured knitted fabrics;
  • Sportswear fabrics.

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“Almaks”, a fabric manufacturing and trading company based in Vilnius but developing its activities internationally, stands out for its product quality and environmental friendliness. If you are looking for fabrics that are tailored to your needs and preferences, we can help you. Certified natural fabrics are suitable for both children and adults with allergies and sensitive skin.

Work experience has taught us more than just technological subtleties. We know that the most important thing is respect for the customer, persistent pursuit of the set goals.

The demand for certified ecological fabrics is growing rapidly, so we have made sure that the materials we produce meet the high standards and use only the highest quality tested ecological and organic certified raw materials.

By purchasing the fabrics we offer or the services of printing on the fabrics, you will be sure that the result will satisfy you one hundred percent.

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